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Safety & Health Programs for the Small Business

Half-Day (4-hour) Safety Seminar
Course 6

Every business is required to have a safety program. Most require a written, documented safety program. If you do not have a program, where do you start? If you do have a program, how do you know it is on track or that it meets the minimum requirements required by OSHA. This seminar is designed for the individual responsible for the Safety and Health or Loss Control Program and will help implement a program or verify that an existing program is on track. Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the need for a safety and health program
  • Describe the basic elements of a functioning safety and health program
  • Develop a plan for building and implementing an effective safety and health program

Seminar Contents:

  • Basic definitions common to safety and health program
  • Need for an effective safety and health program
  • Classic safety and health program elements
  • OSHA’s four-point workplace program
  • Sources of help