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Instructor Development Workshop

Three-Day (24-hour) Safety Seminar
Course 27

Every business has a need for cost effective, high quality, verifiable training. Many business owners and managers are currently faced with a major dilemma - down size to remain competitive while complying with an increase in government mandated safety and health training. One way to meet the challenge is to assure that current and future training programs yield the most bang for the buck. To do this, training program developers and personnel who conduct your training may need help. This fast paced three day workshop will help your personnel improve the quality of the programs they develop and / or teach. The program will involve lectures, discussions and group activities. Participants will work in groups to develop and present a short training module on the third day. The presentation session will be video taped for participants to evaluate their presentation style and skills.

Target Audience:

Training program developers, instructors and Safety and Health Professionals will all benefit from this workshop.

Goals and Objectives:

Completion of this program will improve the participants ability to:

  • Perform a training needs assessment
  • Develop observable and measurable goals and objectives
  • Use the OSHA voluntary guidelines for developing a training program
  • Develop a course outline
  • Develop a lesson plan
  • Develop participant materials
  • Draft a quiz
  • Evaluate the quality of existing training programs