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Unsafe Behavior Cause and Cure

Half-Day (4-hour) Safety Seminar
Course 33

Consider this - an accident is often defined as an unplanned event which is invariably preceded by an unsafe act (behavior), or unsafe condition or both. And, statistically, unsafe acts are the major factor in 85% of all accidents.

This seminar is for managers, supervisors, foremen, human resource managers, and safety and loss control specialists. At the conclusion of this seminar the participant will be able to:

  • Identify unsafe behavior
  • Describe why people behave in an unsafe way
  • Create a work environment that discourages unsafe behavior and encourage safe behavior

Seminar Contents:

  • Define unsafe behavior with examples
  • Develop the relationship between accidents with injury and unsafe behavior
  • Discuss the traditional approach to safety and why it does not work in this area
  • Explore “why people do what they do”
  • Expose the system failure that encourages unsafe behavior
  • Develop a plan that will create a work environment that discourages unsafe behavior and encourages safe behavior