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Introduction to Safety Management & Communication

One-Day (8-hour) Safety Seminar
Course 34

This seminar is an introduction to safety and safety program management. It’s a good place to start, putting safety in its place. The criticality of good communications and its impact on job performance and safety performance is made abundantly clear.

This seminar is for managers, supervisors, foremen, human resource managers, and safety and loss control specialists. This course will:

  • Cover the foundation on which all accident prevention programs are built
  • Survey the key elements of an effective accident prevention program from both the classic and the OSHA prospective
  • Discuss techniques necessary for the effective management of the key elements of a safety program
  • Establish the link between the Total Quality Management concept and Total Quality (Safety) Management concept
  • Demonstrate the critical importance of effective communications - all mediums - in the accident prevention process

Seminar Contents:

  • Key definitions in safety and loss control
  • Basic elements of a business organization
  • Organizational drivers and safety’s place in this list
  • Why we have safety programs
  • The corner stones of safety
  • Basic components of a safety program
  • Motivation - What is important on the job
  • Communications - verbal, non-verbal, written
  • Qualities of a good supervisor