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Auditing Health & Safety Management Systems Workshop

Two-Day (16-hour) Safety Workshop
Course 37

To improve participants’ ability to plan, execute and document an internal audit of environmental, health and safety management systems.

Upon completion of the program participants should be able to:

  • Explain the difference between an audit and an inspection
  • Explain the concept of RIO (Records, Interviews and Observations) as it relates to the audit process
  • Develop a list of interview questions related to a specific management system or safety program element
  • Develop an audit checklist to record critical observations related to a specific management system or safety program element
  • Develop a sampling strategy for document reviews, observations and interviews
  • Demonstrate how to interview personnel as part of the audit process
  • Draft observable and measurable audit findings and recommendations
  • Explain advance planning requirements for an audit
  • Explain potential barriers to performance and why people take risks


  1. The purpose and value of an audit
  2. Audits, inspections and observations – what’s the difference?
  3. Auditor rules of conduct
  4. What’s required to perform an accurate HSE audit?
  5. Introduction of the audit process (RIO) and characteristics of an objective audit
  6. Auditing against corporate, site-­‐specific and regulatory standards and procedures
  7. Developing a protocol and measurement system
  8. Identifying what documents to review
  9. Developing audit protocols and checklists
  10. Developing a sampling strategy
  11. Conducting effective interviews
  12. Developing interview questions
  13. Drafting audit reports and recommendations


  • Discussion
  • Group exercises
  • Mock interviews