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Control of Hazardous Energy Sources
OSHA's Lockout / Tagout Standard - Problems in Compliance

Half-Day (4-hour) Safety Seminar
Course 3

OSHA’s Lockout / Tagout Standard continues to be controversial. Since this is a performance-oriented standard that allows for a certain amount of flexibility in developing and implementing a lockout / tagout program, there are a number of questions that remain unanswered.

Traditionally, lockout / tagout procedures have been identified with electrically powered equipment. The current standard requires that procedures be developed to address any energy source which, if not contained or controlled, could present a hazard or hazardous environment.

A detailed review of the OSHA Lockout / Tagout Standard and problems in compliance:

  • Types of Energy
  • Locks vs. Tags
  • Individual Locks vs. Group Locks
  • Individual Written Procedures vs. Master Card and Work Permit Systems
  • Methods of Isolation
  • Locking Out Large and Complex Systems
  • Interface with Contractors
  • Training and Auditing Requirements