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Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis (1 day)

One-Day (8-hour) Safety Seminar
Course 9

This is an abbreviated one-day workshop that focuses on theory, the three levels of accident causation, gathering and preserving information and use of the abbreviated Root Cause Analysis form. It involves the investigation of three industrial accidents using a team approach. The course focuses less on report writing and more on the techniques of incident investigation. This one-day course is ideal for managers, first line supervisors, step-up foremen and supervisor candidates.

The costs of accidents are enormous - potentially devastating not only to the individual but to the company as a whole. The need to prevent a recurrence is obvious. But, identifying the root or basic cause, the only way to prevent a recurrence, is not obvious. This seminar will provide a systematic approach to the investigation of all accidents / incidents. This approach will help identify the basic or root cause of the event and develop the all important corrective (remedial) actions.

This seminar is geared to the “normal”, “common”, “everyday” type accident. This seminar is for managers, supervisors, foremen, human resource managers, and safety and loss control specialists. At the conclusion of this seminar the participant will be able to:

  • Describe what constitutes an accident (incident) and establish an effective Accident (Incident) Investigation Program
  • Describe the three levels of Accident Causation
  • Know how to use a new and valuable tool for determining the basic cause of an accident
  • Most importantly, implement the appropriate corrective action to preclude recurrence

Seminar Contents:

  • Basic Safety Terms necessary for an accident investigation, discuss why we investigate accidents, and who should conduct the investigation
  • The steps necessary in any accident investigation program and present techniques on gathering data
  • The links between Accident Investigation and Hazard Recognition
  • Analyze the Data and Determine the Root Cause and the appropriate corrective (remedial) action
  • Report writing techniques, record keeping, and trend analysis
  • Three accident scenarios with solution techniques