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Safety & Health For Engineers

Two-Day (16-hour) Safety Seminar
Course 23

Engineers have moral and legal “safety, health and environmental” responsibilities to employers, workers, product users and the public. They also have an important role in the product quality and economic competitiveness of companies employing them. It makes good economic sense to incorporate “safety and health” activities in Engineering practices to meet the moral and legal requirements.

Most Engineers graduate with little formal “safety and health” education and “pick up” some knowledge while working in industry. This is unfortunate since the Engineer can greatly contribute to “safety and health” in the work place by having a basic knowledge of the fundamental concepts of “safety and health”, hazards in the workplace and safeguards and controls needed to improve safety and loss prevention.

This two day, fast paced seminar will provide engineers with the tools they need to plan safety into their work rather than add it on after the fact. In addition to the textbook, which is an excellent reference, checklists are provided on key areas.

Lectures and discussions are supplemented with videos and 35 mm color slides. In one session, participants are asked to evaluate the design of a safety device which caused the end user to lose sight in one eye.

Seminar Contents:

  • The Importance of “Safety and Health” for Engineers
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Laws, Regulations and Standards
  • Hazards & Their Control
    • Mechanics & Structures
    • Walking / Working Surfaces
    • Electrical
    • Tools & Machines
    • Transportation
    • Material Handling
    • Fire / Explosives
    • Heat / Cold
    • Pressure
    • Lighting
    • Radiation
    • Noise / Vibration
    • Chemicals / Hazardous Waste
    • Ventilation
    • Biohazards
    • Emergencies / Facilities
  • Safety Programs, Accident Investigations and Auditing
  • Process Safety Management Overview
  • Selection and Management of Contractors
  • Incident Investigation
  • Source of Safety and Health Reference Materials Facilities