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Work Permits & Gas Testing

One-Day (8-hour) Safety Seminar
Course 20

Due to the complex nature of many industrial operations, it is necessary to use work permit systems for operations that are potentially hazardous. Work permits are used to communicate work activities between operations and crafts, establish criteria to safely perform the task and control hazardous operations. Since most permits require some form of atmospheric testing before the permit is issued, safety personnel should be familiar with operation and limitations of oxygen meters, combustible gas detectors and detector tubes. This seminar is a stand-alone course covering work permits and gas testing.

Seminar Contents:

  • Why permits are needed
  • Types of permits usually required including:
    • Lockout / Tagout
    • Line Entry / Line Breaking
    • Confined Space Entry
    • Hot Work (Welding, Burning, Spark Producing)
    • Trenching and Excavation
    • Vehicle Entry
    • Electrical Hot Work (Work on energized electrical equipment)
    • Critical Lifts (Crane)
    • Crane, Suspended Personnel Platforms
  • Owner or “host employer’s” role in issuing permits
  • Craftsman or contractor’s role in accepting permits
  • Auditing compliance
  • General safety requirements associated with specific permits
  • How Master Card / Tag Systems work
  • Gas Testing
    • Basic terms and definitions - Types of tests generally performed
    • Selection, care and use of gas testing equipment - Sampling techniques
    • Field calibration and functional tests
    • Tips on purchasing gas testing equipment
    • Tips on developing a training program for gas testers
    • Hands-on demonstration